Website Agreement

Please review the agreement below. If you have any questions or need clarification on any item, please write us at


  1. Customer gets 1 custom website design based on answers to the questions we ask and any phone conversations we have.
  2. Once first draft of homepage design is sent, customer may request unlimited changes to this design. Although rare, if design is so far off from what was requested, we will redo it until we get right.
  3. Once final draft is approved by church and church layout integrated into our HTML content management system, there MAY be a minor extra charge if a major home page layout change is requested. This is because we’ve done all the coding at this point and would have to spend time re-coding for new layout all over again. Graphics may be replaced for free but placement of these graphics to create a new layout may incur a small extra cost, depending on complexity. We’ll always do our best to avoid extra cost though, if it all possible.
  4. Refunds for annual and monthly fees are not permitted if over half of the contract duration has elapsed. Exceptions are made only in cases where the issue is within our scope of responsibility and, despite our efforts, remains unresolved.
  5. Once you go live, design and setup fees are non-refundable as these services have already been completed. However, should we be unable to provide a specific item promised in our proposal, and if we cannot agree on an alternative solution, you will be entitled to a full refund of the design and setup costs.
  6. If customer cancels service in less than 18 months, no design or graphics created by may be taken and used on other websites. Content and graphics added/created by church may be taken at any time.
  7. Should we be unable to complete your project before the launch date due to an issue from our side, we will provide you with a full refund of all payments made, including the design fees.
  8. If after 1 year, a church does not launch a completed website, the homepage design may be repurposed for use by other churches to recoup our losses.
  9. If after 2 years, a church does not launch the website we created for them, we require upfront payment equal to the cost of 1 year of our service, to resume the project. The renewal date will start 1 year from after site is live.
  10. The content management system itself & SQL databases running the site are not transferable to any other web host at any time.
  11. Customer is entitled to use all features found on our pricing page. Any features needed outside of this may require extra cost.
  12. Customer may not add any scripts to the server. It is up to to administer or setup scripts.
  13. File storage on server is strictly for items related to the website.
  14. Any sermon videos need to be hosted on a 3rd party video provider and not our server, so that we may keep your website server running as fast as possible / using minimal resources. All sermon videos will still play inside your website but will be embedded into the website instead of directing uploaded to it. We’ll work with you to figure out which video solution among the many is the best fit for your situation, if you need us to.
  15. Up to 25 pages of content will be put in for customer at our normal pricing. Customer may be responsible for putting in all other content beyond the 25 pages. Design style for secondary pages must fit within the capabilities of our system.
  16. Up to 15 pages of content will be put in for customer at our discounted pricing. If you received a discount due to the avg attendance you have, the limit on pages we setup for you is 15, with a total limit of 40 pages.
  17. is not obligated to create more than 4 graphics for customer frontpage slideshow.
  18. Customer may transfer over up to 10GB of old audio files to our server.
  19. We can change text or graphics on homepage for no additional cost during the lifetime of a website. Any changes of homepage layouts that require us to code will usually incur some cost. We will always tell a customer up front if there will be cost to anything requested.
  20. Once puts in the initial customer content, the customer, and not, is responsible for filling in website with:
    • Sermons (beyond 15)
    • Staff profiles (beyond 15)
    • Blog posts (beyond 7)
    • Calendar Items
    • Announcements
    • Forms (beyond 3)


  1. Customer must make first half payment for to start work.
  2. Second half payment is due 2 months from the date you receive your first draft, or once the site goes live, whichever comes first.
  3. Monthly payment goes into effect once you go live. The monthly price can be found on pricing page.
  4. All monthly payments are made for upcoming month and not the prior month.
  5. After 60 days of non payment, suspension of website will occur. We will contact church well in advance to make sure this does not happen. This is only a last resort.