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Only update your church website and your mobile app will automatically update and sync to the website.

What's the difference between a
Mobile App & Mobile Website?

Mobile Website

A mobile church website is one that can only be accessed by opening a web browser on your phone and navigating to it through there. All sites we build have a mobile optimized website included. It is made up of all your pages from the full site, since in reality, it is your full website, just in a more easily readable form. Your custom church website with us already includes this kind of mobile website.

Mobile App

Apps are actual applications that are downloaded from the Google or Apple App Store and installed on a mobile device. They do not require a web browser and are just a click of a button away from being opening by the end user, since the icon goes right on their mobile desktop.  The app is not your full website but pulls in your most important data that you want, such as sermons, announcements, calendars, and even your Facebook page. Plus, with an app, you get to use push notifications to all your users. A mobile website cannot do that.

App Demos & Screenshots

See some of ours apps in action!

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Mobile App Features

We also include the following features into every app:

Push Notifications

Send push notifications right from your phone to all your mobile app users, with the press of a button. Great for breaking news, reminders, the start of an event, weather closings, and more! You can also schedule them out too!

Calendar Events

Keep your church members informed and always up to date with detailed info pulled automatically from your calendar. If your locations are in your calendar, a map of the location will show up in the app as well.


Show your full sermon archives, including images, audio, video, & pdf notes. Users can can even do other tasks while listening.


Make sure your members always know the important stuff going on at your church. As with all other features, this syncs automatically from website.


Show any form from your church website. Great for contact forms, guest surveys, baptism signup, etc.

Live Broadcast Player

Allow users to watch your church service live, right inside the app, on their mobile devices. Works with all video streaming services out there.

Prayer Requests

Your church mobile app users can submit prayer requests, encouragements to others, and view your church website prayer wall (if enabled).

Newsletters / Bulletins

Allow your church members to easily download the latest newsletter or bulletin PDF's that you upload to your church website.


Let your members see blog posts from your website (or any 3rd party site), whether it's articles, devotions, bible reading, and more.


Allow your church members to easily give online through our giving mobile platform... or, bring your own!

Bible Search

Let your members search and read through the bible, any version, right from inside your app.

Photo Gallery

Show off your website or facebook photo albums, all completely synced from your church site.


Get insight into your users by viewing how many people have downloaded your app and how they are using it.

Link to Anything Inside App

You can link to any page on the web and have it show up inside your app so your users always stay inside your app.

Church App Pricing

Setup Cost:  $0 for most Clients,
   $399 for all Non Clients
$ 49 / Month
(59/month if paid monthly)
  • All Features Above
  • No Contracts
  • Unlimited Push Notifications
  • Auto Syncs Fully w/ Website
  • Iphone & Android Phone App

Frequently Asked Questions

Both Apple IOS & Google Android phones are covered. IPAD version is an extra $15/month.

If you are a client using our content management system, auto syncing all the data to the app is done for you automatically. 

If you are NOT a client, we would need to evaluate your content management system to see if it outputs the correct data. If not, we can sometimes install a small utility on your website to get more data to us. Otherwise, we can still get some data from your RSS, Podcast, or Calendar feeds, but not all of it.

Apple assesses your app according to a set of technical, content, and design criteria to make sure it works as it should and does not contain any objectionable language or material. This can take about two weeks. We submit the app for you and see the process through to its approval. As soon as the app is approved, we ensure that it is placed in the App Store.

Very often, apps are available at Google Play in just a few hours.

Push Notifications are free within your subscription. Send an unlimited number of messages. Receiving a push message is also free for the user.

To send a push notification, you can either login to our special app website or you can send a push message right from the app on your phone. It’s quick and easy!

Segmenting. We can also create custom groups for you to send out push messages to!

There are no long term contracts you have to agree to. However, we do ask that to start the project, that payment is made upfront for the first year of service (it comes to $588 if you are just doing the phone version).

It only takes up to 10 business days to make the app for you and then another week to gain approval in the stores normally. Once we get that payment we would start. This just ensures that each church that asks for the app goes forward with it fully so that we don’t do all the work for nothing, since we waive the design & setup fee for existing clients.

To get started, you would first make the annual payment mentioned in the question above. From there, we simply ask for your logo file and we’ll do the rest! We find everything on your website  that would be a good fit for the app and set it all up for you. If you want to add other custom items, just tell us and we’ll add them for you.

Mobile App

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