Church Online Giving

Increase giving by at least 15%

Stats show that when you add online giving to your website, you’ll see an overall giving increase over time by at least 15%, if properly advertised.

Give From Anywhere

Convenient Giving encourages first time givers and allows faithful givers to give more regularly. On average, a church using mychurchwebsite giving sees an increase in overall above 15%.


Mobile App

Give church members access to online donations through the mychurchwebsitegiving mobile platform & your own mobile giving app. Works on any smartphone or tablet, including Apple and Android devices. The mobile account is integrated with your online giving, text giving and kiosk giving account. View total electronic giving information for your church from within the app.

Desktop / Laptop

We'll create and link up all your giving buttons on your church website so no matter how people access it, they'll easily be able to find your online giving.

Kiosk Giving

With giving kiosks, members and visitors can directly give on site. Manage your sign up forms through your kiosks for volunteers, mission trips, vacation bible school, etc.

Facebook App Integration

Want to accept donations through Facebook? We have an app for that! Simply add the Mychurchwebsite Giving Facebook App to your organization's Facebook page, and your donors can click to donate directly from your Facebook page and from their own Facebook home screen.

Text Giving

Add on text giving to your Mychurchwebsite Giving account and receive a dedicated 10-digit phone number specifically for your church. Members can easily sign up in one minute and begin texting their donations to your church.

Customized Control

We know no church runs like any other. Mychurchwebsite giving provides an online giving solution that is as unique as your church. Flexible payment options ensure you’re in control of your online giving and members can give easily and regularly.

Automatic Recurring

A steady stream of recurring giving is the number one reason for churches and ministries to accept online giving. When members set up recurring giving, you don’t have to worry about people skipping a week – it creates consistency and improves giving habits, as well as helping during vacation season when fewer people are giving in church.

Optional Donor Pay Fees

With Mychurchwebsite Giving, you have the option to ask your donors to add 2%-3% to their donation to help cover the processing costs by the card issuing banks (Visa, MasterCard, etc.). This option adds a line item to your donor portal and when selected by the donor, automatically calculates the addition to their donation.

Branded Interface

Did you know that donors are 7x more likely to donate to a branded donations page vs. an unbranded one? Create your own look and feel with Mychurchwebsite Giving. Manage multiple missions and funds with custom giving pages with the multi-site support feature.

Credit / Debit Cards & ACH

MyChurchGiving can accept any form of electronic payment (debit, credit, and eCheck/ACH), but you have complete control over what forms are accepted by your church. If you want to exclude just credit cards, your account can easily be limited to only accept debit and eCheck/ACH.

Data Tracking and Security

Let Mychurchwebsite Giving’s powerful control panel help you manage the data from your online giving. Whether you need your giving data to tell a story, to export to another system and to remain as secure as possible, we have you covered.


Get access to virtually hundreds of reports. Most of the reporting you need will come right from your giving control panel, where you can view a range of custom reports by person, transaction, fund, and date range. Access graphical reports of monthly trends, current automatic recurring giving, forecasting, and more

Data Export / Import

Do you need to import donation data into CCB, ACS, Shelby, TheCity, HelpMate, PowerChurch, Church Office Online, Servant Keeper, By The Book, or another system? Let us know how you want the data, and we'll set up a free custom import/export profile.


Mychurchwebsite Giving adheres to the industry's strictest security requirements. Concerning PCI & DSS Compliance Security, intrusion detection, and SSL transaction security, our team and data center goes above and beyond the required procedures.

Grow Without Limitations

Growing your church shouldn’t mean you have to step up to the next price bracket. With every plan, you have access to the same unlimited features to manage your online giving.

Add Unlimited Funds To Give To

Create unlimited funds (missions, tithes, offerings, etc) for your members to give to. You are not capped to the number of campaigns you have running at any time. Members can even give to multiple funds at one time during their checkout experience.

Multi Site / Campus Support

Easily manage multiple campuses by creating custom giving pages for each individual site with site specific funds. Campuses can be physical locations or you can create individualized pages for other missions within your church.

Pledge Tracking & Management

Encourage giving by launching our Pledge Management tool. Donors can easily submit their pledge online and Mychurchwebsite Giving will help them track their progress for accountability and provide valuable reporting to the church manager

Unlimited Users

We won't nickel and dime you like nearly every other provider out there. Whether you have 50 people donating online or 50,000; we won't charge you more because you have more.

Beyond Online Giving

Our online giving solution has been developed for churches for the past 12 years. Over that time, we’ve learned how Mychurchwebsite Giving tools can support your needs beyond the ability to accept and track online donations.

Custom Forms

Create custom forms to tailor your specific needs in your church, such as special donations, mission trips or event registrations. You can then either embed the forms into your website or link to them.

Online Store

PLUS members are provided a free online store for your church. Customize your logo, choose your colors, and launch your store as soon as you are ready. Manage product details, descriptions, images, and all the items necessary to cleanly display your catalog. *PLUS ONLY*

Resources To Help

As your partner in online giving, we will provide you with everything your church needs to launch a generosity campaign, how-to instructions for your members, graphics to share on social media about your tools, sample emails, instructional videos and more!

Online Giving Pricing Chart

Pick a plan below that is best for you.


Good for starting out
$ 0 /month
  • All features above
  • Debit/Credit Cards
    2.2% + 30 cents
  • E-check / ACH Giving
    2.2% + 39 cents
  • Kiosks
  • Text Giving
    $79 one time
  • Time To Setup
    24-48 Hours
  • Monthly Minimum Giving *
  • Settlements *


Good for churches with lots of bank giving
$ 29 /month
  • All features above
  • Debit/Credit Cards
    2.5% + 30 cents
  • E-check / ACH Giving
    1% + 39 cents
  • Kiosks
  • Text Giving
    $79 one time
  • Time To Setup
    24-48 Hours
  • Monthly Minimum Giving *
  • Settlements *

* Minimum Giving: For Express account, if you do not get $300 in online giving for a particular month, there is anywhere from a $1- $10 charge to cover merchant account fees for that month. For instance, if you get only $150 in giving, you would pay $5.


* Settlements: Giving is sent to the depository account the following business day and they should be deposited into the business account the day after that. So, total time from the time a donation is made until it is put into the depository account will be 2-3 business days. Always ask specifics from anyone you choose regarding this.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can still sign up for just our online giving program and use it on your own church website.

  • Voided Check or Bank Letter
  • 501c3 documentation or articles of incorporation or a current utility bill with the churches name on it. (This is because it is a full merchant account)
  • Copy of Drivers Licenses
    The license is required for the safety of both parties. We have seen several instances where a fraudulent person will try to sign up with faulty information, thus we want to verify who they are. We also like to make sure they are in good standing with the church, that way not just anyone is opening an account for them. The information is safely stored in your account and is not going to be sent anywhere to a 3rd party.

Givers will click on a GIVE ONLINE button on your church website that we setup for you, which will take them to your giving portal website to conduct the transaction.

There is no charge for changing fund categories. Reports are a little different. There are several free reports that you will have access to, but since we build these reports ourselves it would be unrealistic for us to say yes you can have any report you can dream up and its free. We will definitely provide some great reports and are very open to reports and statistic requests. We will do what we can to fill these requests.

You can have your congregation download the app at the following:

Apple App Store      Android Google Play

There are no long term contracts you have to agree to.

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